• Feel The Game™

    Renfrew Pro Tape is top quality hockey tape to give you control and confidence for your best performance on the ice.

  • The Better Grip Since 1980

    Renfrew Pro Tape isn’t the new game in town – we’ve been giving players a serious grip for decades.

  • Trust Your Tape

    Pro-Blade XT is the ultimate stick tape with easy-tear serrated edges and extra adhesive that lasts longer.

    Pro-Blade™ XT Black Cloth Tape

  • Preferred by the Pros

    Renfrew Pro Tape is proud to be the tape of choice for every Stanley Cup championship team for more than 20 years running.

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Rep your favourite team with our Pro-Blade NHL Team Patterned Tapes – 
top quality cloth and adhesive for performance like the pros.


Supporting Hockey Heroes Everywhere

From peewee to professional, we’re proud to help make hockey dreams come true, at all levels. 

Renfrew Pro Tape is the Official Supplier to


Quality cloth tapes that give you long lasting play – in a variety of colours and patterns.

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Elasticity and memory to keep your gear securely in place throughout your game.

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Accessory Tapes & Wraps

Enhance your game with grip tapes, foam under-wrap and supportive athletic tape.

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  • VIDEO: How to Tape Your Hockey Stick

    Learn the proper technique for how to size and tape your hockey stick. Start by measuring and cutting your stick to the right height. Next, we’ll show you how to apply tape to the shaft and blade to get your best performance. 

    Watch Video