Renfrew Pro™ Traction Mats

Product Number M002-SP

Application: Remove debris from shoes

Renfrew Pro™ Traction Mats are designed to remove dirt from the soles of athletic shoes, increasing grip and improving traction on the court.

Simply step on the mat before stepping onto the court, and dirt and residue stick to the mat automatically.

When the top sheet is soiled, remove it to reveal a clean sheet underneath.

Our traction mats are designed to improve performance and increase safety, giving athletes the confidence they need to perform at their best.

Use our traction mats with an M002-SPB base or as a replacement mat for our M002-SK and M002-SK Custom starter kits.

Advanced Features

  • Removes dirt and debris from soles of athletic shoes
  • Improves traction on the court
  • Pair with one of our mat bases for portability

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Reviews and Testimonials


Paul Coffey

"During my NHL career, I had a lot of choice in the hockey tape I could use however, Renfrew was the only tape that I felt comfortable with. I started with Renfrew and ended my career with it."


Gary Roberts

"In my 21 season NHL hockey career, I had a lot of choice in what hockey tape I could use. Day in and day out, Renfrew was simply the best !!"


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