Pro-Grade Athletic Tape

Product number: 188R

Application: Wrists/Ankles

The Pro-Grade Athletic Tape provides support and helps to restrict motion in muscles and joints. This tape is made from 100% cotton and has a zinc-oxide (skin-friendly), vanilla-scented adhesive. Pair it up with our Foam Under Wrap for extra cushioning. 

Advanced Features

  • Helps to prevent injury or support existing injuries
  • Pairs well with Renfrew Foam Under Wrap
  • Resists failure caused by moisture

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Reviews and Testimonials


Paul Coffey

"During my NHL career, I had a lot of choice in the hockey tape I could use however, Renfrew was the only tape that I felt comfortable with. I started with Renfrew and ended my career with it."


Gary Roberts

"In my 21 season NHL hockey career, I had a lot of choice in what hockey tape I could use. Day in and day out, Renfrew was simply the best !!"

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